The Big Problem

2008 Court of Criminal Appeals election results:

Place 3:

Republican Incumbent
Democratic Candidate
Libertarian Candidate

Place 4:

Republican Incumbent
Democratic Candidate
Libertarian Candidate

Place 9:

Republican Incumbent
Libertarian Candidate

(Take from that what lesson you will about my chances of prevailing; clearly, the Libertarian candidate in a race for a seat on the Court of Criminal Appeals faces a steep uphill battle.)

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The Adventure Begins

I am Mark W. Bennett, and I’m running as a Libertarian for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

I have a blog, Defending People, on which I’ve written well over 700,000 words in the last five years. I’ve been grieved and I’ve been sued for expressing my opinions there. You could probably learn more about me than you would ever care to know by reading my blog.

The tl;dr shallow autobiographical version:

I have been a criminal-defense lawyer in Houston for almost seventeen years. Before that, I graduated with honors from University of Houston Law Center, and got a B.A. in Religious Studies from Rice University.

I am married to my law partner, Jennifer. We have two children, two dogs (Rhodesian Ridgebacks), two fish (Bettas), and an indeterminate but large number of Sea Monkeys.

I have one older brother. He has a massage school in a surf town in Costa Rica. We grew up between the Washington, D.C. area and overseas (Frankfurt, Bangkok, New Delhi), where Mom taught school and Dad worked for the CIA.

I am content being a criminal-defense lawyer; I have never yearned to be a judge, and I don’t need the job. In fact, getting elected would entail a brutal pay cut.

So why am I running for judge? That’s what this blog will be about.